People & Process

Kristie Buehler - Managing Director

Kristie has over 10 years of trust, property and portfolio management, including special services and family practice management.  Kristie runs Avalon's trust services and is an appointed Trustee for Robert Binkele's Estate Planning Team.  Kristie has partnered and hosted numerous events for investment firms and asset managers in collaboration with the Financial Professionals, CPAs and Attorneys throughout the United States.  Prior to joining Avalon, Kristie held the role of Partner with High Point Properties, a boutique property management company, where she co-managed the firm's assets located throughout Southern California.  Since 2005, she has offered trust services for various California families.  Mrs. Buehler earned her B.A. from Biola University and Masters from National University.

Kristie is married, has three children and two dogs.  She loves reading, pilates and organized charity-run events.   

The Basics

Your trust agreement is our priority. We carefully develop and manage personalized plans to carry out grantors’ intentions and serve beneficiaries’ needs. As an objective intermediary, we ensure that resources are preserved while facilitating cooperation among family  members and resolving any conflicts that might arise. 


Our compensation is based on an annual fee (basis points) for our services, calculated on several factors including trust size, types of assets held, how many money manager relationships are overseen and the  complexity involved in administering the trust.